Our Ministries

Strong Outreach Ministry
Our ministry goes into the community and witnesses to spread the gospel on an ongoing basis. Our disciples go out to encourage and talk to people.

Discipleship Ministry
This training ministry is held every Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. to teach you how to become a disciple and a witness on your job in your community.

We teach the Old Testament and New Testament in an intense, but fun, manner for all ages. Call us today to learn more about our disciple training.

Strong Youth Ministry
(Wednesday from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.) Youth Bible Study

Perfect for elementary- to college-age youths, our youth ministry services include worship through singing, for the community, and in different churches with our pastor.

Our “youth round table” is called “Youth Restoration,” and talks about issues that youths deal with everyday. We also have a youth dance ministry. On Tuesday, we have volunteers from Vanderbilt University to help everyone from first-graders to college students in our homework program; our students’ grades have gone up since this program started!

Swift Family Deacon Ministry

If your last name begins with the letters below you may call your Deacon/Deaconess listed.

A – C  Zellena Weakley                   (615) 424-4682

D – G  Genevie Bradford                 (615) 730-1637

J – M Clarissa Moore                      (615) 262-0620   (615) 243-9907

N – R Deyanne Dobbins                  (615) 335-5721

S – Z Porter Savage                         (615) 730-4549

Minister on call this month

Rev. Curry Corder                             (615) 423-5747 

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